College Cost Consulting (CCC) now offers a sports packaging component in addition to their current list of services.  College SPORTS Consulting (CSC) will help you enter the recruiting loop and provide guidance throughout the recruiting process.

Over the years we have found that colleges will meet a greater percentage of your financial need if they want your student to play sports at their college.  This means extra dollars for you from the college.

Choosing a college can be a difficult decision.  A wise choice can ensure success both in the classroom and on the field.  We begin with College and Sports Program selection.

Our Service Includes:

• College Selection and Sports Program Selection.

• Compile & Develop an Athletic & Personal Profile.

• Assist with Video Editing and Tips.

• Performance Evaluation by Current Coaches & College Coaches.

• Market Your Individual Profile to Colleges You Choose.

• Prepare for the Recruiting Process & Visits.

• Provide an Athletic Guide & Help You Stay Organized.

• Negotiating Tips, Techniques & Assistance.

• Provide a List of Interview and Visit Questions.

• Award Evaluation and Analysis.

• Provide On-going Assistance Throughout the Entire Recruiting Process.

Questions You Must Ask:

• How do I get the coaches at the schools I'm interested in to notice me?

• How do I make myself stand out from other good athletes/?

• Which of the colleges I am interested in have the most money to give and which ones don't?

• How do I leverage my talents, academic, personal, and athletic to greatest advantage?

• Why is it important to use outside resources and start college planning early?

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