4-Step System

Maximize College Money by following this proven 4-Step System

1. Maximize Financial Need Using Legal Strategies (only 10 % of Oregon families secure their fair share).
2. Be First In Line for The Money.
3. Match Students with Selected Colleges That Meet Personal and Financial Needs.
4. Package and Market Your Student so Selected Colleges Meet Your Financial Need and Award You Merit Money.

Additional services in this process include directing college award negotiations, student counseling on their specific college matters and family support to keep everybody on target during the stressful times of this transition.

Maximize Financial Need using Legal Strategies

• A full financial needs analysis to see if, in fact CCC can meet family college goals.

• Full financial plan with specific suggestions on ways to lower their EFC which increases financial need.

• Ongoing financial analysis together with the client and/or their financial planner and/or accountant.

• Increase cash flow.

• Decrease tax liability in some cases.

Insuring that families are first in line for the money

• Timely financial aid applications

• Line by line answers to the Federal Financial Aid form (FAFSA).

• Line by line answers to private colleges financial aid form (CSS/FAP).

• News letters with updates and reminders.

• Confirming the accuracy of the Student Aid Report.

Matching Students with selected colleges that meet their needs

• Student needs to college size.

• Student’s level of academic excellence to comparable college level of excellence.

• Student’s “arena of study” (a major is not yet needed) to college curriculum.

• Student religious and other needs to college style.

• Student and family geographical needs.

• Ongoing direction in the college selection process.

Packaging and marketing the student to increase their desirability

• Ongoing student counseling to increase extra curricular activities if needed.

• How to maintain focus on current activities and academic direction.

• Formatting and detailing a student resume or activity sheet.

• Getting letters of recommendation.

• Power essay assistance.

• College interview suggestions for both student and parents. 

• How to visit colleges successfully.

• Ongoing student and parent consultation on all college matters. 

• Directing students to a no cost scholarship search strategy. 

• Providing a written script for parents to call selected colleges.

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